Remembering Alvin Stardust — 4 Comments

  1. I would love to buy a copy.. Alvin was my best friend from the first time I saw him at Earl’s Court radio and tv show ..about 1960.. I haven’t heard of this one before xx 💔🍾🥂xx

  2. As I mentioned via Mike Read Thread Steve, I particularly love Always Listen to Your Heart…I hope you are able to promote this as the ‘next single’ at some point… Don’t know if you can answer this, but I remember going to see Alvin and his Rock and Roll Band in concert at Tewkesbury (early 1990s?). Wearing jeans and check shirt (rather than the 1970s Glam leather look!) and he did a great set of mostly Rock n Roll standards…I wondered if that show (or others on that tour) were ever recorded…would love to hear that show again… Cheers. Andy.

  3. Hi, that show was recorded when on Alvin was on tour with a show “The Birth of Rock n Roll” there is a cd available. If you have a problem finding a copy please let me know.
    Alvin’s manager at the time.

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