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  1. Fantastic! I love this song and have about half of it on a video taped at the time from TOTP. I had never heard the first verse until now! So glad all the lads are still alive and lovin’ life. I wish I had a CD of their work but I guess they never released one. Neverheless thanks so much for the immense pleasure this has given a 63 year old and very best wishes to all.

  2. I remember them on the David Essex Showcase and the song Hurry Home struck as so beautiful then and still does. On the album I also liked ‘Rio’ and ‘Do I Still Figure In Your Life’.

    I have a copy of the vinyl album which I haven’t been able to play for years. Now, thanks to the magic of technology I can.

    Thanks for the memories and the songs, all of you.

  3. Im Rays daughter, my dad passed away a few years ago and would really like some videos or songs if people could upload them etc. Thank you x

  4. Wow, I remember Hurry Home, I’m 53 now 🙁 I’ve been involved in the music business for over 25 years, on the tech side of things… Anyway when are you going to make it available to download on itunes? All the Best Guys, and stay safe.

  5. Thanks. iTunes is not as easy as it sounds. I own the copyright in the music but not the performance. That’s Arista Records now owned by Sony BMG. I put in a few calls to try to license it to put it up on iTunes but failed to get through to them

  6. I can remember being 13 at the time this song came out and was very popular with women who had partners fighting in the South Atlantic.
    I manged to get this track on a old Time Life Compilation album.

    I get annoyed this song never gets mentioned in any 80s one hit wonders be it on CD or television networks.

  7. I heard this song again and now ken Bruce on radio two often plays in anniversary requests …it makes me cry every blinking time!!! I love it … glad i found this thread as I can express how i fee about your beautiful song…….;0)

  8. It was hard to find this useful info, thanks Steve for keeping “Wavelength” alive.

  9. Such a beautiful song! What a fantastic rendition! (I don’t think I’m biased, even though I’m Danny’s uncle).

  10. Ah, Steve, I finally get an opportunity to say thank you for this beautifully crafted song. Perhaps not many people realise this song`s significance to the family’s and friends of Falklands War veterans. The war had finished a bare four weeks earlier and almost all of the servicemen were still coming home. A lot of people were saying Hurry Home that summer. The lyrics fit the moment precisely.

  11. I just heard hurry home on radio 2, it wasn’t you guys. It brought back great memories, an amazing song ?loved it.

  12. Hi – Heard this on Radio 2 last week for the first time in ages – 51 now and had a massive flashback moment! Fantastic song and, like others on here, can’t believe I couldn’t download it on any of the usual channels??!! Appreciate your comment about it not being easy but this must be the first song I’ve ever not been able to download!! I have the 7″ somewhere so will just have to copy it across sometime. Such a good track, must be good to here people are still appreciating it all these years further down the line – must be up for someone to bring it back with decent cover version? Just so long as they don’t destroy it – always a gamble!
    All the best – Steve

  13. John Kirby sang lead vocals on the songs “Par Avion” and “You Are the One” on the first Mike + the Mechanics album.

  14. How interesting that he sang “You Are The One”. Stuart Newton (if I recall correctly) was at Hit And Run, Genis’s company and he gave me a cassette of Mike demos for the first album. The demos only had spoof lah lah lah lyrics and Stuart asked me to write lyrics for the album. I was dubious about this so I decided to do just one song first to see what happened. And nothing happened. Guess which song I wrote lyrics for? “You Are The One”

  15. I grew up with Ray,Danny and Melvyn at the Ost G youth club in the East End.Great Lads and many memories.Started playing guitar at Quaremead with them.They used to harmonise to A Thousand Stars.Wonderful memories

  16. I love this record, looked for ages for it as I could not remember the band name (Sorry) but Ken Bruce plays it a lot and everytime he does I sit and sing. Great tune, get it rereleased

  17. Agree with all the comments such a great song and so full of nostalgia. Have 7 inch and managed to get the audio from YouTube so that can also have digitally but can’t believe it’s not downloadable or on any compilations. Must be due a cover by someone?? There’s plenty of other old hits that the record company have been happy to allow to be on iTunes – why so stubborn over this, surely all revenue is good. All the best to you all and fingers crossed

  18. I was probably one fo the five people that bought the album. Pity it’s not available for download. I’d buy it again.

  19. I was brought up with most of the band ,we all attended the same youth club in East London

  20. Hello Melvin,
    Would you be able to tell me where you, John, Danny, Phil and Ray were born please? If in London, in which borough if possible. I keep mini biographies on all artists who make the UK Top 20 Singles chart. Happy to share any other information with you.
    Thanks in advance.

  21. Realy member hurry home come out when my husband was in the Falklands beautiful song.

  22. Been trying to get your song hurry home on cd can’t get it anywhere love the song brings back memories when my husband was in the Falklands song come out then please were can I get the song

  23. It was me, John Briley, who signed Melvyn and Wavelength to Ariola Records back in 1982 after hearing a cassette demo I got from him.
    I was head of A&R there, based in Cavendish Square in Marylebone. I got Chris Neil to re-record it and we released in June of 82. That same month Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. The task force was sent down to the South Atlantic with thousands of troops.
    Suddenly the lyrics became a National wish to the families back here.
    Hurry Home.
    Lovely lads, they had great fun being pop stars and being on Top Of The Pops.
    It reminded me of the fact that I’d done the same a few years before with Paul Young, Streetband and the single : ‘Toast’.

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