The Burgundy Cobbler – Whitley Bay circa 1978/79 — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Steve i remember the cobbler with great affection i loved the place too bits i remember Tony Cole a stylistic lookalike he was a lovely man and brilliant DJ he played the music from inside a specially constructed beach buggy built upstairs solely for that purpose many groups i saw from that time inc The Tymes The Trammps Linda Carr & the lovesquad and many more I last heard from tony many moons ago when he moved back to his native London in 1974 love to know what happened to him two barmaids i do remember from my time there were Susan and Barbara perhaps you know of them i remember aidan Keenan & jack upstairs who used to serve the latre night burgers hope that brings back some memories for you im Bob by the way if you want to contact me love to hear from you best wishes Bob

  2. Hi Steve i worked the door at the cobbler for Aidan Keenan for Sid MC Cullock also did Sands, Top Hat Spenny Moor and the Jungle 20 Quid a night booze free

  3. Hi all i worked the door at the cobbler / sands / Jungle / Top Hat Spenny moor for Sid and Aidan Keenan 20 quid a night a lot back then many happy hour with a party at Aidans place after work
    I stay as you did in the flats and spent many hour drinking with Bill the manager of the doormen at the cobbler.

  4. Remember me i worked the door for Aidan and Sid including the Jungle

  5. Hi I worked at the beach club on the front owned by Billy Waugh . many a night serving drinks to cops and aiden Keenan and doormen from Sands and cobbler until 6 or 7 in the morning. Happy days

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