Never Go Back — 3 Comments

  1. i’ve got a forty second song. i bet you could make it into at least another minte. Another Grove lad who thinks he can write)

  2. ‘Hurry Home’ has so many memories for me that when I just found the song on youtube I had to follow it up by looking at its composer. I went on to look at your site and noticed something else that struck a particular chord with me…..’Latest Blogs…Never Go Back’. I have just had a second autobiographical book published and this is something that I included…
    Don’t go back, it just is not there
    The life you once had, it is nowhere
    It can’t be found, what doesn’t exist
    Don’t go back, there’s nothing you missed

    Don’t go back, you know that it’s true
    Nothing that’s there belongs to you
    Past is for learning, future’s to live
    Don’t go back, it’s got nothing to give

    Don’t go back, there’s much to be done
    Life that is spent is good for no-one
    You’re needed here, here’s where to be
    Don’t go back, we’ve the future to see

    Thank you for Hurry Home.

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